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Our range includes a variety of beer specialties from all over the world.

In our wholesale you can first go through the beer styles to browse international or regional beers. For example, do you want to order beer that comes from Bavaria? Various types of Bavarian beer are available here, with Munich beers such as Paulaner or Löwenbräu being particularly popular. Of course, the famous wheat beers from Bavaria should not be missing here: Would you like dark, light or non-alcoholic wheat beers? In addition to brands from the great beer state of Bavaria, there are also the best German beers from other federal states! For example, you can find dark beers online, such as the Flensburger Pilsener from Schleswig-Holstein or the Warsteiner Pils from North Rhine-Westphalia.

Beers from Denmark and Sweden

You can order many types of beer from Denmark cheaply in our beer wholesaler. Everyone knows Danish beers like Carlsberg. However, have you ever heard of Albani Odense Pilsener, Fuglsang Black Bird or Faxe Premium? The Albani Odense Pilsener convinces with its unique taste. Fuglsang Black Bird is an amber-colored, clear beer with a fine-pored, creamy foam and a fine caramel and marzipan smell. The combination of the finest malt, hops and water makes Faxe a premium whole malt beer that is full-bodied yet pleasant and mild with a round taste and smooth mouthfeel. The Danish lager Faxe is an exceptional lager and can be ordered.

Swedish beers such as Sofiero or Falcon are also very popular in Germany. Take a look at our wholesale and buy this beer cheap!

Beers from England and Ireland

Not only German beers offer high brewing quality, beers from the United Kingdom are also a specialty, which is why the United Kingdom is known for its beer culture. For this reason, many wholesalers also offer a wide range of English beer brands. A chilled Newcastle Brown Ale tastes particularly flowery, nutty and delicate, while the Irish Guinness beer delights with its unmistakable dark colour. English beer has a long tradition, which is still maintained in many places in the brewing industry today. Along with Scotland, Ireland and Wales, England is one of the few countries where ale can still be found alongside lagers such as pilsners. The term ale is often used colloquially as a synonym for "beer", whereby ale, in contrast to lager, means a top-fermented beer. Traditionally, ale is fermented with top-fermenting yeasts at high temperatures. This shortens the fermentation process in English beer. Up until the 15th century, ale did not contain hops, so ales were fermented beverages made from malted barley. Today almost all ales contain hops.

Beverages are considered non-alcoholic if the alcohol content is so low that it has no physiological effect. Alcohol-free beers are therefore allowed to contain minimal traces of alcohol, depending on the production between 0.015 and 0.5% volume. During the brewing process of non-alcoholic beers, care is taken to ensure that the beers retain their incomparable malt and hop aromas and that they do not lose their typical character. So, one reason for the popularity of non-alcoholic beers is that they resemble the characteristics and taste of alcoholic beers. Other reasons for the popularity of non-alcoholic beers are their isotonic properties and the fact that they are low in calories. Alcohol-free beers are brewed in accordance with the Purity Law and therefore only contain the natural raw materials water, malt, hops and yeast. There are now non-alcoholic versions of wheat beer, Pils, Hell, Alt, Kölsch and many others. The two most popular varieties are Pils and Weizen, which, with their non-alcoholic versions, each account for a third of sales in Germany. Of course you will also find many variants of non-alcoholic beer in our wholesale!

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GCG Trading is a distributor and importer of traditionally-made german, european and foreign beers. We shipped to all destination, we supply the finest of our product, our beer-products are known in the markets for their quality. We are an innovative Company with an expanding range of alcoholic drinks including beers and ciders.

Our suppliers are carefully selected producers of excellent beers and ciders. When selecting suppliers, quality, service, cost-effectiveness, ability to deliver and reliability have top priority for us. In addition to numerous B2C online shops , as a wholesaler we sell beers and ciders as well as niche products with high earnings potential to start-ups, local shops and small and medium-sized companies. We also supply to companies looking for gifts for customers and employees and also to event management companies.

Our range of beers offers a huge selection from around the world and covers a range of styles and formats. We can offer both bottles and cans, as well as draft and draft beer.

We also stock modern fruit flavored ciders from cider brands such as Somersby . Cider's appeal is greater than ever and the category is growing faster than any other in the beverage industry.

Working closely with importers and retailers around the world, our dedicated purchasing team can offer a range of more than 2,000 branded products.

GCG Trading is an international distributor of drinks brands, working with large manufacturers and distributors of beers, wines & spirits to serve international and duty free markets.

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Sale of beers and ciders

Sale of beers and ciders

With an impressive product portfolio consisting of beer, wine & spirits, cider and soft drinks, we sell a large selection of premium brands.

Purchase of beers and ciders

To meet a high demand, we are looking for example beers and ciders that are otherwise difficult to obtain and promise good margins for our customers.

Purchase of beers and ciders

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