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Vodka wholesale - import and export

What is vodka?

International vodka wholesale

Vodka is one of the oldest spirits in the world, which is characterized by its high purity. Spirits, which are very similar to today's vodka, were distilled from grain as early as 700 years ago. Some vodkas are on the almost neutral side and are used more for mixing than enjoyed straight. Other manufacturers rely on a multi-faceted vodka that reveals, among other things, subtle tones of grain, some spice or a sweetish-fruity overtone. Flavored vodkas flavored with fruits, spices and herbs are also trendy.

Vodka is available in our wholesale vodka in a variety of flavors and blends that are intended as a shot or for making cocktails. Be inspired by our exclusive selection of international vodkas. At GCG (the vodka wholesaler) we have selected the most popular vodka brands available on the market, such as Smirnoff, Absolut or Gray Goose.

How is vodka made?

For the production of vodka, most manufacturers use grains such as rye, wheat or barley as the raw material, but vodka can also be made from potatoes, exotic fruits or sugar beet. This spirit goes through a multi-stage distillation process that gives it a significant alcohol content. For this reason, many manufacturers add distilled water. However, there are distilleries that want to keep the alcohol content very high, up to 98%. These spirits are best used to make cocktails. Most vodka distilleries and vodka wholesalers are located in Russia, Lithuania, Belarus and Latvia, but vodka is also produced in other countries around the world. The vodka tradition has long since spread to countries such as Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Our vodka wholesaler will be happy to make you an offer.

Polish, Russian or Finnish vodka - differences?

Many manufacturers, regardless of country of origin, rely on their own distillation and filtration processes, which they often developed themselves. However, it is possible to memorize regional differences in raw materials. Russian vodka is often the result of a mixture of rye and wheat, but in rare cases only wheat. Polish vodka is mainly made from rye, but there are also varieties that are made on a more economical basis. Potatoes are usually used for this. Finnish vodka is often distilled from barley - a special feature typically reserved for whiskey making. Swedish vodka usually uses vape - just like the many young German vodka brands.

Furthermore, in Vodka production and Vodka quality, a distinction is made between Standard (up to 3 times distillation), Premium (4-5 times distillation), Super Premium (6-7 times distillation) and Ultra Premium (more than 8 times distillation). Of course, the alcohol content is a decisive factor for the quality of the vodka, at least 40% alcohol content is recommended.

What do you mix vodka with?

Due to its excellent neutrality, vodka is suitable for almost any mixed drink. Many party-goers know Vodka-Energy, which, as the name suggests, consists of vodka and energy drinks. Starting with soft drinks such as Cola, Fanta or Sprite, there are hardly any limits to the consumption of vodka. Fruit juices and cocktails offer a form of enjoyment that is always welcome. Here, for example, other spirits and liqueurs can be a welcome change to round off a cocktail. The classic and world-renowned cocktail Piña Colada is made with cream, Blue Curacao, white rum, pineapple juice and coconut. Tomato juice, effervescent powder, sweets such as Smarties or gummy bears are not uncommon in the variety of ingredients in today's party world and are part of the fixed inventory of many cocktail bars and vodka wholesalers. Here you will find a suitable recipe for almost every connoisseur.

Are you interested in vodka or one or more of the more than 2,000 products in our range? Then don't hesitate to send us an enquiry! We look forward to providing you with vodka.

vodka wholesale | GCG Trading
vodka wholesale | GCG Trading
vodka wholesale | GCG Trading
vodka wholesale | GCG Trading

Are you looking for a vodka wholesaler?

GCG Trading distributes an impressive portfolio of alcoholic super brands. Our range of Spirits includes GINs, VODKAs, RUMs...from Ultra- Premiums to commercial volume brands, each with the 'wow' factor appeal & outstanding USP - Unique Selling Points.

We are vodka wholesalers and partners for resellers and distributors. Our diverse range of vodka ranges from well-known branded items to future trend products. Thanks to our large network, we can offer you vodka at unbeatable prices and reliable, worldwide delivery.

We have a large network of suppliers worldwide and this work with external supplies answering effectively for needs of wholesaler and trading companies, thanks to the strong relationships we have built over the years with our suppliers we can offer goods in quantities required.We have good connections with well-established and trustworthy warehouses and transport companies and therefore we can guarantee a reliable, secure and smooth delivery of your order worldwide.

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