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Coca Cola wholesale - import and export

Ordering Coca Cola wholesale is the safest and easiest way to get wholesale Coca Cola. Cola is a popular soft drink that is produced by various manufacturers. Cola is bottled in different containers around the world and sold in stores. Add Coca Cola to your assortment and buy cola from the wholesaler.

Coca Cola from the wholesale trade

More than two billion cola soft drinks are sold worldwide every day. Cola drinks are available in over 200 countries. While consumers buy Coke products at retail, retailers buy Coca-Cola wholesale. With good reason, the lemonade is cheaper for business operators from the wholesaler than from the retailer. Every Cola seller has to make a profit with the product and that is only possible as a seller if Coca Cola is bought from the wholesaler. Wholesale cola is available in larger quantities, so there is always enough cola in retail.

Cola brands from the wholesaler

Cola is made by different companies in different states. The lemonade is available in the premium and discounter segments. It is best to make the cola you offer your customers dependent on their needs. Analyze the consumer behavior of your customers based on the goods issue. If your store prefers branded colas, buy well-known branded colas from the wholesaler and meet your customers' demands. If you mainly offer discounter products in your range, then you also offer discounter cola from the wholesaler, which you sell at the final price.

Coca Cola wholesale for supermarkets

If the shelf is empty soon, it's time to reorder Coca Cola wholesale in time to keep your customers happy. Cola should be available in every supermarket. Along with other non-alcoholic soft drinks, it is one of the most important drinks in retail. Coca Cola is available in different variations. In addition to the sugary cola, sugar-free cola is also very popular. Coca Cola at the wholesaler is available with and without sugar. In addition, Coca Cola should be on the shelf without caffeine, you can also get this cola in distributor.

Coca Cola from the wholesaler for gastronomy

If you run a restaurant or a bar, then Coca Cola should definitely not be missing from the range of drinks. It is best to offer several cola drinks with or without sugar and without caffeine. As a restaurateur, you buy Coca Cola distributor, where different brands and types of cola are available. You can order cola wholesale and have it delivered or collect it from wholesalers during business hours.

Coca Cola for hotels and organizers

Hotels with more than 20 rooms buy Coke from the wholesaler to store larger quantities. In addition to water, hotel guests most often drink cola, according to various statistics in Switzerland. Swiss and Luxembourgers in particular who are guests in Germany are increasingly drinking cola without sugar. Event organizers who have to provide drinks to several hundred people should also buy cola distributor.

Buy wholesale cola products

In addition to the soft drink, there are other cola products. The cola flavor has caught on in products like ice cream and wine gums. Today, cola is one of the standard flavors. If you run a kiosk or a small stand with sweets and drinks, don't forget to order additional cola products to complete your range. You can get Coca Cola from wholesalers in PET and glass bottles and Cola products in bags or plastic trays. The bulk packs are only suitable for dealers.

Coca Cola wholesale | GCG Trading
Coca Cola wholesale | GCG Trading
Coca Cola wholesale | GCG Trading
Coca Cola wholesale | GCG Trading

Are you looking for a Coca Cola wholesaler?

GCG Trading is a European and international import-export wholesaler and distributor for a wide range of goods. The goods that we import and export are earmarked for businesses all over the world: food products, household appliances, preserved goods, non-alcoholic beverages, cleaning and hygiene, electronic cigarettes, cosmetics, as well as thousands of items from Coca-Cola, Fanta and many more besides. We enable shops, hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, caterers, etc. to profit from a wide range of products at great prices and with efficient logistics.

We are Coca Cola wholesalers and partners for resellers and distributors. Thanks to our large network, we can offer you Coca Cola at unbeatable prices and reliable, worldwide delivery.

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