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The most famous brandies or brandies undoubtedly come from France and Spain. These are produced, stored and sold under strict regulations and legal provisions. Distillates based on grapes are also made in many other countries.
The main difference between brandy and cognac is that, theoretically, brandy can be made anywhere that wine grows. Cognac, on the other hand, must come from the region of the same name in western France.

Cognac from France:

Cognac Wholesale

Six different, approved grape varieties form the basis of the most famous brandy in the world. Almost 500 years of historical ups and downs have ultimately not harmed the fascination of cognac. The wines and distillates are produced in six growing areas around the city of Cognac, north of Bordeaux. The aging takes place for at least two years in oak barrels, which usually hold around 350 liters. The key point for counting the maturation is always April 1st of the year following the vintage. For example, a distillate is put into the barrels in November after the harvest, while the counting of the age does not start until the following April 1st.


Despite the long dominance of cognac, the first proven brandy in France around 700 years ago was Armagnac. The Armagnac region, in the south of Bordeaux, is further inland. The brandy produced there has always been overshadowed by cognac. On the basis of ten approved grape varieties, a fraction of what is bottled as cognac is produced today. In production, Armagnac, like Cognac, can be double-distilled in stills, as well as in a continuously working, single still. In addition to matured Armagnac, there is also so-called Blanche Armagnac, which does not have to mature. In our cognac wholesale you will find many cognacs and brandies.

Cognac from Spain - Wholesale

Brandy de Jerez

This is the only Spanish brandy that has a legal regulation and definition. The big difference to the two famous French brandies is that it only has to be stored in the area of the protected designation of origin. No specific grape varieties are prescribed as a base, but about 95% of the base wines are prepared by Airén. These do not grow in the region around Jerez, but in La Mancha in central Spain. This is also where the basic distillate is usually produced, both in stills and on columns. This results in three different styles: Holandas, Aguardientes and Destilados. These are transported separately by tanker to the Jerez region for maturation. There, maturation in former sherry casks is required by law, the volume must be less than or equal to 1,000 liters.


The basis for both brandies is always the wine, preferably from grape varieties that produce dry wines, as these are best suited for distillation due to their high acidity and aromatic intensity. As a rule, both are distilled twice, with copper stills enabling the production of high-quality distillates with a high aging potential.
A first raw distillate is followed by a second fine distillate, which separates out any remaining fusel and enables a particularly pure distillate. The crystal-clear distillate must now be stored in oak barrels for several years so that it acquires the color typical of brandy and a balanced aroma. It is up to the art of the cellar master, often after many years, to marry a product from different barrels that is always of the same quality, that corresponds to the brand standard and can satisfy customers in the long term. For bottling, the finished spirit is then diluted to a drinking strength of at least 36%, but usually 40%.

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cognac wholesale | GCG Trading
cognac wholesale | GCG Trading
cognac wholesale | GCG Trading
cognac wholesale | GCG Trading

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