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The word rum conjures up images of pirates on the high seas, brave ships of the line and tough sailors and their grog. Rum has a long history with its own traditions. While not having the status of wine or whiskey, there are still many specialty rums that are highly prized for their taste.

The key difference in a quality rum is aging. After distillation, the liqueur is usually stored in a charred oak barrel - sometimes up to 60 years! The aging process helps the rum develop its character and acquire a distinctly caramelized flavor. Quality rums are often dark, golden or black and are sometimes marketed under the original Spanish name "Ron Anejo".

Find the right rum wholesale

Whether you are looking for a great base for your mojito or want to enjoy the intense flavor of a premium rum brand, we have the best quality for your needs: from Bacardi to Danish A.H. Riise, an aged dark rum for very special occasions. You will also find classic rums such as Captain Morgen and Havana Club in different flavors in our wholesale rum.

How is rum made?

Sugar cane is the starting point for the production of rum. Either fresh sugar cane juice or molasses, i.e. the end product of sugar production, is used. Water and yeast are then added to the basic ingredients. The finished mixture is called mash and starts a natural fermentation with the yeast, whereby the first alcohol percentages are formed. In the most important step - the distillation - the alcohol with the aromas is separated from the water. Next up is storage. Rum has the advantage that straight from the still it tastes just as exciting as aged distillates. The longer the distillate is stored, the darker it becomes.

While beer and wine have been part of human food since ancient times, rum has only been around since the 17th century. As the plantations spread across the islands of the Caribbean, their range of products gradually expanded. Rum was one of the new goods from the New World. It was first mentioned in 1650 as 'rumballion', which means 'great tumult'. The new drink was especially popular among seafarers. Towards the end of the 17th century British sailors were no longer given their daily beer but instead received a rum ration of 70 milliliters - a tradition which lasted in the Royal Navy until the 1970's.

What are the different varieties?

  • White Rum
  • By white rums, we mean those rums that have undergone only a very short barrel aging and have a transparent to slightly yellowish hue. These rums have a fresh taste, usually less strong and noticeable than darker rums and are therefore perfect for mixing exotic fruity cocktails.

  • Gold Rum
  • Gold Rums experienced little or no aging in oak barrels. Golden rums are ideal for a variety of cocktails, are uncomplicated and have a comparatively mild, spicy taste. You will find this and other rums in our wholesale.

  • Black Rum
  • Black rum has a broader spectrum of aromas than white or golden rum, often with a sweet nuance. It is common for dark rums to be flavored by the rum in the form of caramel, spices, molasses, vanilla or other subtle flavors.

  • Aged Rum
  • Aged rums are older rums that have matured longer and where more rum has evaporated from the barrels due to the weather conditions in the country of manufacture. These weather conditions ensure that the distillate matures much faster than other distillates.

  • Solera Rum
  • A special feature of rum is the Solera process. Here rum is used from barrels, the content of which consists of different ages. This is how it works: In the barrel stores, there are several rows of barrels on top of each other (often 4 rows). The bottom row is the "Solera" from which the finished rum is taken. These Solera casks are never completely emptied, rather they are refilled from the next row after bottling. The gap that arises there is filled with distillates from the next higher cask row. This marriage runs through to the top row of casks, which are finally filled with completely new distillate.

  • Rhum agricole
  • Rhum agricole is a variant of rum from so-called agricultural production. It differs from normal rum primarily in that it is made from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice and accounts for only around 3% of total rum production. It is produced in the French Antilles and also in Haiti, in French Guiana, La Palma and in the Indian Ocean on Réunion and Mauritius and is also distributed by our rum wholesale.

  • Overproof Rums
  • The term "proof" used to measure the alcohol content of a drink and was later replaced by percent by volume in many European countries. A very strong rum is called overproof and has an alcohol content above 57.15%. Due to the high concentration of alcohol, the other aromas of the rum are overlaid. Overproof rums are therefore ideal for giving fruity cocktails or long drinks more expressiveness without impairing the aromatic harmony of the drink.

What are the most popular drinks with rum?

Rum offers a variety of different consumption options. Some of the most famous rum cocktails are Pina Colada, Mai Tai, Mojito, Hurricane, Long Island Iced Tea or Bahama Mama. The best-known rum producers include Captain Morgen, Malibu Rum and Bacardi. Buy your favorite rum in our rum wholesale! We have carefully selected our range of brands to offer the highest quality options for each type of rum.

Are you interested in rum or one or more of the more than 2,000 products in our range? Then don't hesitate to send us an enquiry! We look forward to providing you with rum.

rum wholesale | GCG Trading
rum wholesale | GCG Trading
rum wholesale | GCG Trading
rum wholesale | GCG Trading

Are you looking for a rum wholesaler?

GCG Trading is a private trading company in the Germany and a global distributor of rum. We provide our valued customers with worldwide business solutions and high-quality branded products at affordable wholesale prices with the best logistical services. We are a retailer, wholesaler and distributor of beverages and rum.

We are rum wholesalers and partners for resellers and distributors. Our diverse range of rum ranges from well-known branded items to future trend products. Thanks to our large network, we can offer you rum at unbeatable prices and reliable, worldwide delivery.

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