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Whiskey wholesale - import and export

What is whiskey?

Whisky (or whiskey) is a spirit drink made from grain and aged in wooden casks. The grain is mashed, which means the grain is crushed and mixed with hot water so that the grain starch is converted into sugar, which is later turned into alcohol. The mixture is then distilled. The at least three-year maturation in the barrels ensures the golden-brown color of the finished whiskey and also largely determines its taste. The alcohol content of whisk(e)y is at least 40% vol.

Whiskey or whiskey?

Whether you spell whiskey without an e or whiskey with an e depends on the origin of the drink. In the US and Ireland it is usually called whiskey with an e; on the other hand, whiskey in Scotland, Canada, Japan, Germany and thus most other whiskey countries of origin is almost always written without an e. Different countries often have different raw materials and manufacturing rules, but these cannot always be clearly related to the different spellings. In the following paragraphs you will find all the important information about the different types of whiskey and whiskey.

Scotch whiskey wholesale

Scottish whiskey, often referred to as "Scotch", is the most highly regarded by whiskey wholesalers worldwide: single malt whiskeys are currently available from around 125 Scottish distilleries in whiskey wholesalers, which are distributed - albeit very unevenly - across six different regions . A "single malt whiskey" always comes from a single distillery, while a "blended whiskey" is made from several, often more than 40 different starting distillates.

In our wholesale you will find a variety of single malt and blended whiskey from many regions of Scotland:

The most prominent whiskey island in the world is undoubtedly Islay, the largest of the Inner Hebrides islands between Scotland and Ireland. Eight different distilleries produce very strong and mostly heavily peated whiskeys, which usually take some getting used to and are more for connoisseurs.

The "Islands" whiskey region includes all other Hebridean Islands and the Orkney Islands north of Scotland. Strong and often heavily peated whiskeys not dissimilar to those of Islay are also produced here. The best-known representatives of this are certainly Talisker, Scapa and Tobermory, while Jura and Highland Park are more like the whiskeys of the Highlands in character.

Whiskey is also distilled in the Speyside region, the area around the Spey River on the south bank of the Moray Firth. From there come such famous classic whiskeys as Glenfiddich and Cragganmore, which are characterized by particularly fine notes and a light maltiness, while peating is usually avoided. Of course you can buy whiskeys from many regions at GCG Trading - the whiskey wholesaler.

Not much less famous are the Scottish Highlands, which cover practically the entire north of Scotland, just north of an imaginary line from Edinburgh in the east to Glasgow in the west of Scotland. The local distilleries such as Glenmorangie, Pulteney and Dalwhinnie also produce very appealing whiskeys with mostly strong aromas, which are often accompanied by salty, maritime and slightly peaty impressions.

Irish whiskey wholesale

The Irish whiskey world is distinctly different, for it fared much like the Campbeltown region: a grand past with a slew of distilleries shipping all over the world came to an end with the American Prohibition era , as a result of which the most important sales market collapsed. Only a few distilleries survived, which were also concentrated in the Irish Distillers Group, which is why in the end only three brands remained, namely Jameson, Bushmills and Tullamore. It was only the Cooley Distillery, founded in 1987, that brought life back to the Irish whiskey world and today produces such panning whiskeys. Due to the usually triple distillation and the lack of peat in most cases, Irish whiskeys have a mild and pleasantly soft taste.

American whiskey wholesale

In the US, Bourbon and Tennessee whiskey play the most important roles in wholesale: Bourbon is a Kentucky-made whiskey that is distilled from a minimum of 51% corn and must be aged in new oak casks before being aged at least 40% ABV % is filled. It is characterized by an intense vanilla aroma and a strong amber color. Well-known representatives are Jim Beam and Four Roses, which you can buy in our online shop.

Tennessee whiskey, which must come from the state of the same name, competes with this. In principle, this is a special form of bourbon whiskey, which is given a special softness by a special charcoal filter process. At GCG Trading - the whiskey wholesaler - Jack Daniel's is the only known representative of this whiskey region.

In addition to Scotland, Ireland and the USA, whiskey is also distilled in many other countries around the world, especially in Japan (Nikka and Suntory), India (Bagpiper and Imperial Blue), but also in Germany (Slyrs Whisky), Canada ( Canadian Club, Glen Breton) and Thailand (Mekhong). Many of them are of surprisingly high quality and often make even purists happy! You can order many of these versions in our whiskey wholesale.

Are you interested in whisky or one or more of the more than 2,000 products in our range? Then don't hesitate to send us an enquiry! We look forward to providing you with whisky.

whisky wholesale | GCG Trading
whisky wholesale | GCG Trading
whisky wholesale | GCG Trading
whisky wholesale | GCG Trading

Are you looking for a whisky wholesaler?

GCG Trading is fast growing company active in buying and selling top branded whiskys and spirits. We can offer our international clients a wide range of popular whisk brands and specialty items at fair and competitive prices. We have an extensive range of different types of Whiskies such as American Whiskey, Scotch Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey, English Whiskey, Indian Whiskey and many others.

We are whisky wholesalers and partners for resellers and distributors. Our diverse range of whisky ranges from well-known branded items to future trend products. Thanks to our large network, we can offer you whisky at unbeatable prices and reliable, worldwide delivery.

We have a large network of suppliers worldwide and this work with external supplies answering effectively for needs of wholesaler and trading companies, thanks to the strong relationships we have built over the years with our suppliers we can offer goods in quantities required.We have good connections with well-established and trustworthy warehouses and transport companies and therefore we can guarantee a reliable, secure and smooth delivery of your order worldwide.

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