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No matter whether it's Monkey 47, Tanqueray or Bombay, you will find a huge selection of high-quality gins and other spirits in our wholesale for gin. Our top service and extensive warehouse make ordering and delivery easy.

What is gin?

In principle, gin is a neutral alcohol and is mixed with natural flavorings. Its name derives from the French name of the juniper berry "genievre". Various herbs, spices, roots, fruits and other botanicals are used to flavor the distillate. The ingredients used in gin are called botanicals. According to an EU regulation from 2008, gin must contain at least 37.5% alcohol by volume. Colorless gin stands for an almost neutral, light-hearted and yet strong taste with only a subtle spiciness when bottled. If the distillate was allowed to mature during storage in wooden barrels, a hint of sweetness resonates.

Gin is a particularly good choice as the main ingredient in many classic cocktails. But you can also serve aged varieties without the addition of mixed drinks. Gin is produced in many parts of the world and is available wholesale in endless variations. Gin is the white drop of choice for those looking for a high quality drink.

Gin and its different styles

Gin is of course by no means equal to gin! The most common varieties in Germany are the (London) dry gins, which are available in every bar and are often used to mix cocktails. Apart from that, however, there are a whole range of other styles. Here is a summary of the well-known classification of the different gin styles:

Dry Gin: A dry, unsweetened gin that is characterized by a strong juniper note and is accompanied by slightly bitter overtones.

London Dry Gin: Also a dry, unsweetened gin with a strong juniper note. The flavorings for the London Dry Gin must be added during the distillation, subsequent addition is strictly prohibited.

New Western Dry Gin: The gin-typical juniper note is significantly less pronounced in the News Western Dry Gin than in the classic Dry Gin. Other plants, some of which are very exotic, come to the fore and basically share the main role with juniper.

Old Tom Gin: The Old Tom Gin is sweet and slightly fruity. Here, too, the juniper note is significantly less pronounced than in a dry gin. Old Tom Gins are also popular for mixing cocktails. The sweet note goes perfectly with many drinks.

Plymouth Gin: Plymouth Gin is full-bodied, fruity and sweet. It has a lovely juniper note, which is rounded off by earthy notes.

How is gin made?

Unlike whiskey or rum, the alcohol for gin can be distilled from different raw materials. It is also possible to use finished agricultural alcohol. Gin gets its taste mainly from the aromatization with spices. The basic ingredients for gin are almost always juniper berries and coriander. Depending on the manufacturer, local herbs or well-known spices such as nutmeg or ginger are added.
Each gin manufacturer uses its own ingredients and active ingredients.
One of the two ways to make gin is to direct the alcohol vapors over the spices, trying to absorb the flavors. The second way to make gin is to mix the spices into the corn mash and then distill with it. Good gin always has more than the required 37.5% vol. Because the less water is added before bottling, the more intense it tastes.

Why is gin so popular?

Martini, Singapore Sling, Big Ben, Tom Collins or White Lady are cocktails and long drinks that can be mixed with gin as the main ingredient. Because gin can be dry, sweet, tart, floral, or spicy, it's easy to mix with different ingredients and enjoy. Gin is particularly popular with bitter drinks and tastes good to many connoisseurs. In our gin wholesale you will find numerous versions at reasonable prices.

Are you interested in gin or one or more of the more than 2,000 products in our range? Then don't hesitate to send us an enquiry! We look forward to providing you with gin.

gin wholesale | GCG Trading
gin wholesale | GCG Trading
gin wholesale | GCG Trading
gin wholesale | GCG Trading

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GCG Trading is a firm of Food and Beverage Distributors, We deliver exceptional range of food and beverage produce to businesses around the world. While offering competitive pricing and complete export solutions to our clients.

Our range of Spirits includes GINs, VODKAs, RUMs...from Ultra- Premiums to commercial volume brands, each with the 'wow' factor appeal & outstanding USP - Unique Selling Points.

We are gin wholesalers and partners for resellers and distributors. Our diverse range of gin ranges from well-known branded items to future trend products. Thanks to our large network, we can offer you gin at unbeatable prices and reliable, worldwide delivery.

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