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Haribo wholesale - import and export

Order Haribo wholesale

Ordering Haribo from a wholesaler is worthwhile for all businesses who offer sweets or want to include them in their range. Wholesale Haribo is much cheaper for end sellers than buying the products in the supermarket. Order Haribo wholesale for your purposes and benefit from an excellent B2B service.

Haribo - Germany's well-known confectionery brand

Haribo offers its products in over 100 countries, and they are manufactured at four locations in Germany. In addition, there are ten company branches in other EU countries. Many celebrities have already advertised Haribo products. The brand is one of the best-known in the confectionery department. If you would like to reorder Haribo products to fill up your shelves or add new ones to your range, then it is worth buying Haribo from a wholesaler. In wholesale, you can get larger packs of the various Haribo products intended for resale. In wholesale, B2B customers receive a superior selection of standard and special editions from the Haribo brand.

Haribo from the wholesaler for supermarkets

Haribo should not be missing in any supermarket or discounter. Tasty wine gums and salty liquorice belong in every basic assortment of a grocery store. End sellers buy Haribo wholesale. If you run a grocery store, order Haribo wholesale and make sure you always have Haribo in stock for your customers. Analyze the consumer behavior of your customers based on the sales figures of individual products. You will find that some Haribo products are more popular and others are bought less. Adjust your assortment and order Haribo wholesale to reduce your purchasing costs and benefit from resale.

Haribo for market traders

Whether at the weekly market or at the fair, Haribo sweets are also bought at various markets. There are still many consumers who appreciate a visit to the market and do all their shopping there. As a market trader who offers sweets, you include Haribo in your range and buy Haribo from the wholesaler in order to obtain larger quantities for resale. Haribo mixtures are well received by customers in the market. The individual Haribo packs often only contain one or two types of wine gum, while many customers want a colorful mix. Put together individual Haribo mixtures for your customers from the bulk packs and achieve higher sales with the goods you sell.

Buy Haribo from a wholesaler and give away

You run a doctor's office and need to convince some patients to get treatment, so try a reward. Buy Haribo wholesale and provide the small Haribo bags for your patients. Children in particular look forward to a great reward after a vaccination. Haribo products are also suitable for companies that regularly receive customers and business partners. The advantage of small wholesale bags from Haribo is that they are packaged sterile and anyone can take them with them and decide for themselves when they want to satisfy their appetite for sweets. Haribo from wholesalers are for companies and end sellers.

Special editions from Haribo at wholesalers

Haribo produces special editions for certain seasons or occasions. These special products from Haribo are available wholesale and are very popular with end users. Include special editions from Haribo from wholesalers in your product range. Haribo advertises limited products that are very well received by buyers. Check the availability of special Haribo products from wholesalers.

Special offers from Haribo at wholesalers

You, as the end seller, benefit when shopping, as do your customers. Haribo is temporarily available as a special offer from the wholesaler. The Haribo range changes regularly, so check the Haribo offers from the wholesaler more often and order your desired quantity of Haribo wholesale.

Haribo wholesale | GCG Trading
Haribo wholesale | GCG Trading
Haribo wholesale | GCG Trading
Haribo wholesale | GCG Trading

Are you looking for a Haribo wholesaler?

GCG Trading is trading company based in Germany, specialized in the worldwide sales of food & non-food FMCG products.

We are Haribo wholesalers and partners for resellers and distributors. Thanks to our large network, we can offer you Haribo at unbeatable prices and reliable, worldwide delivery.

GCG Trading is a wholesale business that sources and supplies branded goods across the globe. Our dedicated import export team helps our customers, retailers, and manufacturers expand their brand/business locally and across continents. We help our customers promote and extend their product range, achieving sales aspirations and growth worldwide.

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