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Chocolate was already a luxury food 3000 years ago. The Olmec, the Maya and the Aztec discovered the delicacy that comes from the cacao tree. Ingredients include sugar, cocoa butter and milk. The resulting mass is ground and heated. In recent years, interest in the sweet food has steadily increased, but the prices for the raw materials have also risen. In Europe, chocolate is eaten the most in Scandinavia, Switzerland and Germany.

From bean to bar

Have you ever wondered how chocolate is made directly from the cacao bean? The cocoa farmer shakes the yellow to reddish-brown fruits on the plantation to test whether the seeds – the cocoa beans – are loosening in the cocoa pods. If so, it's harvest time. Each fruit contains around 40 to 50 beans - enough to make one bar of chocolate. However, the beans taste very bitter immediately after harvesting, which is due to the fact that they contain a lot of tannins. Next up is the fermentation. To do this, cocoa beans and their pulp are spread out in boxes or on banana leaves and covered. Due to the high sugar content in the pulp and the tropical heat, the fermentation process begins quickly. The resulting acetic acid penetrates the interior of the bean and the germ dies. When the beans are roasted, amino acids ensure that the typical cocoa flavors form.
The beans are then sent mainly to Europe and the USA for further processing. In the factory, the flavorings are extracted from the beans at 150 degrees, which will later give the chocolate its delicious taste. The beans are then ground in two steps. In the first step, most of the fat in the beans – the cocoa butter – is released. In the second step, other ingredients such as milk powder, sugar or vanilla flavoring are added.

Milk chocolate wholesale

Milk chocolate is by far the most popular type of chocolate in Germany and is also known by other names such as milk chocolate or milk chocolate from the Alps.
Particularly chocolaty sweets for children are made from this very mild, milky type of chocolate. The downside of milk chocolate, however, is that it doesn't keep as long as its competitor, dark chocolate, and it quickly begins to melt when exposed to heat. It should therefore not be stored above 18 degrees, it should be stored in a cool and dry place, otherwise the milk chocolate can quickly develop white spots and lose its aroma.

Milk chocolate

Full milk chocolate, sometimes also referred to as milk chocolate or alpine milk chocolate, consists of cocoa butter, milk and sugar. Milk chocolate is considered to be of better quality and higher quality than milk chocolate. Special regulations apply to whole milk chocolate with regard to the composition of the ingredients. You can order whole milk chocolate in our wholesale chocolate shop.

dark chocolate

The dark chocolate is also known as bitter, fine dark or gentleman's chocolate. The terms dark or black chocolate are also common. The bitter taste and the dark chocolate color are the hallmarks of dark chocolate. In addition, the dark chocolate contains only a small amount of milk or often no milk at all. On the other hand, dark chocolate contains more cocoa and a higher fat content. Our wholesale supplies dark chocolate worldwide.

White chocolate

If you ask experts, they don't see white chocolate as a real type of chocolate at all. The reason for this lies in the list of ingredients, because while a high cocoa content is normally desired, the cocoa powder is extracted from the white chocolate from the cocoa mass used.
For the actual production, only the cocoa butter, sugar and milk resulting from the extraction of the cocoa powder are used. But there are also fixed guidelines for the production of white chocolate that manufacturers must comply with. The ingredient cocoa butter must be at least 20%. The proportions of dry milk at least 14% and milk fat at least 3.5%. The chocolate is only considered white chocolate when these minimum values are reached.

Are you interested in chocolate or one or more of the more than 2,000 products in our range? Then don't hesitate to send us an enquiry! We look forward to providing you with chocolate.

chocolate wholesale | GCG Trading
chocolate wholesale | GCG Trading
chocolate wholesale | GCG Trading
chocolate wholesale | GCG Trading

Are you looking for a chocolate wholesaler?

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