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Cola trick in the household
the cult drink is so useful

Too much cola can harm our body. In the household, however, it works wonders. An underestimated all-rounder that is digestible and effective:

Cola tastes great – but you shouldn’t drink it often. It inhibits metabolic processes, has a lot of sugar and no natural ingredients. But it helps in the household and is good as an insecticide, stain remover and descaler. So what is probably the strongest and most successful product in the history of industrial food production can be used differently.

Coke in the household - what is unhealthy for us can be used for cleaning.

In 1886, pharmacist John S. Pemberton developed a syrup for headaches. He sells it under the name "Coca-Cola". Consumers quickly like the product and enjoy it as a soft drink. Today, the brand value of the company "Coca-Cola" is a good 87.6 billion US dollars. The drink is offered in almost every restaurant, supermarket and discounter.

The chemicals contained in cola, such as phosphoric acid, acidifiers and carbonic acid, can be used throughout the household. For example, window panes can be cleaned with coke. If necessary, fill the drink in a spray bottle and spray the windows with it. Then polish with water and vinegar essence. The soft drink removes dirt and grease stains. By the way: You can save up to 85 euros in electricity if you decalcify your devices regularly.

Remove stains with cola - this is how it works particularly well

This also applies to stains in textiles. Put some of the cola on a stain and let it soak. Then wash as usual. Blood stains in particular can be removed with the sweet drink. However, these should be placed in it for about 24 hours. This method can be used to remove marker and grease stains. Pots and pans are also easy to clean with the soft drink.

If the food is burnt, Cola is needed. Simply pour into the pot and simmer on low until the burnt has dissolved completely. Afterwards, the pot or pan can usually be cleaned again without scrubbing. Incidentally, the acidic agent in the cola is also effective against limescale. So you can not only clean tiles with the soft drink, but also the toilet.

Coke against rust and stains - first aid in the home

Pour the cola into the toilet overnight and leave to soak. Then scrub with the brush. Fittings also start to shine again as soon as they come into contact with cola. Chrome parts in particular can be polished up again with the soft drink. Even rust can be easily removed. Soak the items in coke overnight and wipe them shiny again the next morning. You should definitely know this dishwasher trick with aluminum foil.

If a larger area is rusty, you can moisten a cloth with coke and wrap it around the affected area. It can also be used as an insect repellent. This can be used to eliminate fruit flies and ants. The sweetness attracts her. Chewing gum can also be removed with the drink - even from textiles and hair. So next time it's better to grab the coke than the scissors.

Cola is more suitable for the household than for enjoyment

Soak the chewing gum in cola and carefully peel off. The sweet drink can therefore be used in many ways and is an alternative to cleaning agents from the drugstore. Shampoo and conditioner also replace expensive cleaning agents and are real miracle cures - not just for the hair.

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