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Diet Coke or Zero Coke?
What is the difference between Diet Coke and Zero Coke?

Diet Coke or Zero Coke? Correct camps have already formed on this question and opinions differ greatly. But what is the difference between Cola Light and Cola Zero anyway. Or is there none at all?

Soft drinks are still very popular. Good old Cola is right at the top of the list of favorites for many. While cola is known to contain a lot of sugar, cola zero and cola diet have almost no sugar.

For many, this is the main reason why they reach for Diet Cola or Cola Zero. Especially if you drink soft drinks regularly, the risk of developing diabetes increases. This is where low-sugar products can help.

But even if you have decided against the sugary cola and in favor of low-sugar soft drinks, the question remains whether you would rather use Cola Zero or Cola Diet. At this point, opinions differ greatly. Some are clearly Team Cola Light, others are convinced that Cola Zero is more similar to the "real" cola.

But what exactly is the difference now? Or maybe there is none at all? We got to the bottom of the question.

This is the difference between Diet Cola and Zero Cola

Everyone who says Cola Zero tastes more like the original Cola now has good news: you are right! In fact, according to the manufacturer, Cola Zero is more akin to the classic cola in terms of taste. Diet cola, on the other hand, has a slightly different taste. And according to the manufacturer, this difference also has a simple reason: "The composition of the sweeteners and flavors is different," says the Coca Cola Germany website.

Still, some claim that the two flavors are simply an elaborate marketing strategy by Coca-Cola. However, the manufacturer emphasizes that blind tastings were able to prove that there is a difference between the two cokes.

Despite the difference in taste, both types of cola have something in common. Both Cola Light and Cola Zero have in common that they contain no sugar and therefore have no calories. If you look at the nutritional information of both products, they are almost identical. Both contain only 0.2 kilocalories per 100 milliliters.

Which type of cola you ultimately prefer is an individual decision.

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