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That's why you shouldn't drink expired coke

What to do with the old Coke in the pantry or the open bottles from the last party? If the expiry date has expired, caution is advised.

Cola is definitely one of the classic soft drinks and we usually drink it immediately after buying it. But what if the best-before date has passed or the bottle has been around for a while?

In most cases the only effect is the loss of carbonation, but sometimes the taste of the drink can change slightly as well.

To avoid this, the cola should be stored in a cool and dark place. With cans, you should make sure that there are no dents or cracks in the container.

You can still enjoy the soft drink without hesitation up to nine months after the expiry date. After that, however, you should be careful, since it is not possible to predict how the additives contained have reacted with each other.

Even if you have previously drunk from the bottle, you should be careful. Then bacteria can get into the bottle, causing gastrointestinal diseases.

By the way: Stale cola does not have to be disposed of immediately. You can also use it sensibly - for example to remove residues in the toilet or as a weed killer.

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